Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Coolest Birthday Present Everrrr!

Look what my sister sent me in the mail for my birthday!!!


When I stop being a lazy bum and have my scanner hooked up, I'll treat you all to all of the early 90s cheesy fashion goodness (in paperdoll form)!

Hahaha, this is seriously one of the BEST Bday gifts everrrr! Thanks Big Gal Al!

Now to get my drank on!


Fear Street said...


~* Happy Birthday! *~

ashley said...

Happy belated!! And oh my lord, I cannot wait to see the scans. Because based on the cover? YIKES!

Molly said...

That is WAY too cool. Hope it was a great bday.

colleenn said...

Happy Birthday! That IS an amazing gift. And I see that in my internet-less gap during my move that you've recapped the awesome Disney World episode!!! yay! And now I must go read that. :)

Janet said...

I totally had that when I was a kid!