Monday, December 10, 2007

"Down at the end of Backache Street at Ben-Gay Hotel" or Working Mothers (2.13)

After extending the theme song and credits for an episode, we're back to short and sweet. J&J are working on another advertising jingle and goddammit! Joey is back in that same exact rugby shirt that pissed me off a couple of episodes ago! You are not cool enough to wear that jersey, Gladstone! Just as they start making some serious creative headway, the girls burst into the room needing rides and assistance with an Elvis impersonation (Stephanie) and Karate (D.J.). They assure them that they'll help with everything,

The next day, J&J are in the kitchen awaiting a call from their boss about their jingle and somehow get bamboozled by MIchelle and locked out on the patio. Naturally, when they're trapped outside, their boss Mr. Malatesta calls them. UgBaby doesn't know her role and answers the phone and hangs up on him. Man that bitch sucks. The guys are pleading with her to let them into the house as Danny comes into the kitchen. Not knowing that Daddy-o is in the vicinity, they try to tempt Michelle with a kiss and a cookie.

Danny opens the door for them and asks them to make good on the promise. Jesse opts to retrieve the cookie, leaving Joey to provide the kiss. Before any spit can be swapped, the phone rings again. It's J&J's boss, Mr. Malatesta calling with good news: they bought the guys' Hurry Mart jingle, but they want them to come down to the office for follow-up. They leave Danny still waiting for his kiss and unfortunately for him, UgBaby is the one to make good on it. Wash yo' face, Danny!

Down at the advertising agency, Mr. Malatesta informs J&J that not only did Hurry Mart love their jingle, they want them to turn it into a full national campaign including a commercial. If they are successful, Mr. M will offer them a full time advertising gig. The guys are stoked, and even more enthused when they get a glimpse of their possible future office.

Back at the house, the girls are looking for J&J to help them with their Karate and Elvis. Danny manages to combine the two into one most awesome hybrid and my love for him grows tenfold. The girls are less than impressed: "That was Elvis?" "Yeah." "Presley?!?!" Oh snap. The guys come home and tell them the good news about their potential promotion and the girls are left to wonder who will take care of them if all three guys are working full-time.

It's time for the guys to make their cheesy and uninspired presentation for their commercial toting Hurry Mart as "The Great American General Store." Right before they're supposed to go, Irene shows up and drops off UgBaby with the guys. Apparently she has to go to school. Wow! Look at that continuity from "Fogged In"! Jesse tries to protest that the client was late and the Ugly Baby will ruin their crappy commercial pitch, but Irene's eyes are hurting enough for one day and she bails.

They try to shove Ug under the desk, but unfortunately her hideous mug shows itself, mooing mid-presentation. They try to pass her off as their baby and gay jokes ensue. Amazingly enough for the guys, the client for some reason digs their concept and is even willing to overlook the presence of Michelle, but for some reason uses the word "dagnabbit" in doing so. Huh. So yeah, they booked the campaign! Wow, this whole plotline is so implausible, but it's FH. What do I expect? Man, if only it were that easy to make it in advertising, I'd be ecstatic.

The guys are at home celebrating their new gig with some champagne in a can. i just threw up in my mouth a little bit at the notion. Finally, something more repugnant than Franzia wine-in-a-box or Mad Dog 20/20. Danny and the girls arrive home from their activities. D.J. won the green belt at her karate tournament and Stephanie won the golden hive talent award for her Elvis impersonation. J&J then share their good news: they got the full-time job. Danny is happy for them and even more excited for the supplemental income to the household, but the girls can't hide their disappointment. They tell the guys that they're afraid of being alone.

J&J are in Joey's bedroom and weighing the pro's and con's of taking the job. The most important con's being less time with the girls, and less time to pursue their passions of comedy and music. They ask themselves if they're ready to give up their dreams for this career? And it's at this point where I'd argue that this is an ideal job opportunity for them because it allows them to combine both their passions of comedy and music into one outlet that is far more profitable than any of their past endeavors. They ultimately decide to ask Mr. M for the permission to take on the full-time job but work from home. He agrees. Man. That was resolved easily.


Anonymous said...

Paris Hilton is launching a new line of canned wine... and Sophia Coppola has a line of canned champagne
good times...

MilkMan said...

Hahahahaha I just saw that on DListed like the day after I posted this blog and it reminded me of this FH moment.