Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"This must be yours; it's for vain and pompous hair!" or Breaking Up is Hard to Do [in 22 Minutes] (3.3)

Joey is prepping the sandbox out back to host a play group for UgMichelle and he peers. There really isn't much prep required, all he did was grab some toys and toss them into the sandbox. I sincerely doubt there was much maintenance needed for the Tanner sandbox, I mean it's not like there are used hypodermic needles buried in the sand. Actually, this is where Methanie Tanner resides, so maybe there WERE needles. Danny's got the celery sticks all cut and ready to be devoured by the chillins. Yuck. I hate celery and hated when parents tried to peddle that shit as an acceptable after school snack. I demand Doritos! Stephanie comes up to them with an apple in her mouth, saying something that's muffled. They pull out the apple to understand her and it turns out she was saying that her loose tooth was stuck in the apple and to not pull it out. Well, it's out now.

Meanwhile, Beck, Jesse and D.J. come home from horseback riding. Wow, maybe D.J. was riding the semi-forgotten Rocket and that plot line didn't die out after all. D.J. apparently successfully jumped with the horse, but Jesse had a shitty time and hates horses and riding. Becky tells D.J. that she has mad skillz, yo, and they make plans to go riding again. Jesse doesn't want to and they discuss how she similarly doesn't want to attend his boring band practice, and a brew-ha-ha is clearly on the horizon.

The play group is underway and the children are already tired of Danny and his celery sticks. UgMichelle shines as the horrid brat she is by exhibiting superb antisocial and selfish behavior. She won't share any of her toys with the other kids, snatching all of them away and yelling "Mine!" Brat. Somebody kick some sand in her eyes! Joey calls her out to Danny for her selfish attitude an Danny tries to deny it, and then exhibits the same possessiveness when Joey tries to hand over Danny's dust brush to one of the little boys and snatches it away.

Later in the day, Jesse starts complaining to Ug about Becky and the riding. Unbeknownst to him, Becky is in the kitchen and hearing every word, which is being picked up over the baby monitor. He uses choice words to describe Becky such as "stubborn", "pig-headed" and just then Becky stomps upstairs and into the room and hold the other monitor up behind Jesse and he hears the echo of his own voice and he turns around, completely fucked.

Becky calls him out and they begin yelling at one another about not wanting to do the other's activities. They angrily yell that maybe they should see other people. Becky exits out the front door and starts to head back towards the house but at the last moment turns away and leaves. Jesse after a moment's hesitation, opens the door, but Becky is already gone. Trouble in paradise... again. You know, they had a really rocky relationship, if they were for real, I don't think that they would have lasted. But, such is the world of cheesy family sitcoms!

The next morning, Stephanie wakes up, eager to retrieve her tooth money. She rejoices when she finds out that she banked with a crisp $20 beneath her pillow. That's being put towards future meth purchases! D.J. reacts with a "Whoa, Baby!" Stephanie chalks it up to the fact that she left milk & cookies for the Tooth Fairy. D.J. tells her that she ate the milk & cookies and Steph warns her that that might bite her in the ass come Christmastime because Santa and the T.F. are tight.

The guys are in the kitchen and Danny and Joey are telling Jesse to call Becky and apologize for all of the stupid shit that he said. The girls come down and Stephanie proudly shows off her bounty and is met with a collective "Whoa, Baby!" D.J. coyly asks why the T.F. never left her $20 and Danny replies that perhaps the T.F. couldn't see his/her wallet in the dark and mistook a $20 for a single. D.J. dryly replies that she hopes the Allowance Fairy makes the same mistake. Heh.

Michelle is still being an ugly selfish brat, so the family tries to teach her the joy of sharing via their pancake breakfast. Naturally her first inclination is to be fug. Her second inclination, however, is to seize the plate of pancakes and declare, "Mine!" They pass a pancake on a plate around the whole table saying that they are sharing with the person beside them and when it gets to Michelle, she crumbles it in her fug hands and puts it on Danny's plate. And I am thoroughly disgusted by the thought of everyone manhandling this pancake and I sincerely hope they threw it out once this lesson in sharing was completed. Blecch.

Becky comes over to return Jesse's things that he left at her apartment and they start getting snippy in front of everyone. The girls ask if they're fighting and they reply that they've just decided to not be boyfriend and girlfriend anymore. The girls are clearly upset by this and they invite Becky to go to the movies with them, on Stephanie and her Tooth money. Becky says that she'd love to at some point, but that she has plans tonight so they take a rain check.

Jesse is left in disbelief that Becky has what he thinks is a date a mere day after they broke up. As Becky is leaving, D.J. chases after her and tells her that she doesn't want her to walk out of her life as she's really begun to depend on her filling in the role of a mother. Becky assures her that she'll always be available, a phone call away, if D.J. ever needs to talk about woman things, and they plan to go to the movies the next night.

We've come to the next night and Jesse is coming back from a revenge date of his own. It's pretty obvious that his heart's not in it as he's constantly mentioning Becky's name. Becky is at the house to go to the movies with the girls. The girls tell her that Jesse was all broken up over their fight and wants to apologize and then they go and tell Jesse the same thing. They finally get the two together and it's clear that they were brought there under false pretenses. Naturally, this is the moment where Jesse's date decides to poke her head into the room. But, she's on her way out, and as she's leaving says to Rebecca, "I hope that you're Becky, because if you're not, you're going to be hearing a whole lot about her." Turns out Jesse even broke out into a rendition of "Viva Las Becky." They eventually talk it out and decide to compromise about participating in activities the other wants to do and the crisis of the century was resolved!

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metamorphstorm said...

If a parent is too stupid to pull a bit of change (or in those days, a dollar bill or two) from his wallet *before* giving it away, he deserves to lose as much as he did to each of his kids (discreetly, so the one that lost a tooth doesn't feel any less special).

It's actually a surprise they didn't save this scene for when Michelle was older and have the older girls jealous that one of that little brat's teeth was worth more than all of theirs combined...

And the irony of leaving cookies for a tooth fairy always kinda bugged me, too...great recap though!