Saturday, December 15, 2007

"You tried to go to dinner with that blow-dried side of beef!" or Luck Be a Lady (Part I and II)(2.21, 2.22)

Finally! I've made it through Season Two. I fell really behind for a little while there, but by this weekend, I should be caught up with ABC Family's schedule. To congratulate myself, I'm shortening the two-part finale into one lump of recappy goodness. Oh yeah, and I skipped the two previous ep's. One was when Joey's girlfriend from college comes back into his life following her divorce, and I just don't want to consider Joey's potential past sex life. The other was when Jesse turns 26 and everyone needs him to do various tasks (write an ad with Joey, fix Danny's car, attend a wedding with Becky, coach D.J.'s soccer game, bake cookies for Stephanie and fix Michelle's jack in the box). He has a nutty and everyone stops bugging him. But let's not worry about the episodes I skipped and move onto the two part season 2 finale...

"Wake Up San Francisco" is filming in Lake Tahoe at the FABULOUS Ali Baba Hotel and Casino. And naturally, the entire family is coming along for the trip. Jesse is ecstatic because he has this romantic trip in mind and he plans on telling Becky that he's in love with her. Joey is also ecstatic because I think he's harboring a secret gambling addiction.

The celebrity guest on the show is alleged movie star Todd Masters. He's supposed to be of a Brad Pitt quality, I'm guessing, but he is supremely not hot nor hunky. Way to go casting department. I guess maybe he has that early 90s "handsome man" thing going on, but Todd's just looking haggard to me. Apparently Becky and him did breakfast that morning and he wants to take her to dinner. When she mentions that she has a boyfriend, he graciously extends the invite to Jesse as well. As soon as Jesse catches wind of these possible dinner plans, and doesn't realize that the plans include him, he flies off the handle in a jealous rage. He tries to flirt with some hotel casino cocktail waitress and is smacked down.

Meanwhile, Joey isn't having much success with the slots, and leaves the girls to guard his machine while he gets more change. D.J. and Steph naturally can't resist the temptation to play the slots and obviously win the jackpot. Joey comes back to the bells and sirens, and the sounds can be heard from the set of "Wake Up San Francisco." Danny is ecstatic to learn that "Joey" won the big money because it might mean some help on the bills and whatnot. Unfortunately, the casino doesn't operate on leaps of faith and the casino owner Mr. Santana totally busts them with the surveillance videotape that shows the girls pulling the lever to win the jackpot. No money for you, Joey!

Jesse and Rebecca are arguing in their room and then finally burst out that they love each other and because they've been dating for 6 months and are in love, Jesse proposes marriage. Yeah, I know. She accepts and begins mentally planning in her mind and calculating how much time is needed and mentions her never-seen brother Corky, whereas Jesse thinks they should elope immediately. They're mid-kiss as there's a knock on the door. They say, "Come in!" but are still lip-locking. D.J. and Steph enter the room and D.J. asks why they would say "Come in" when they don't really mean it. Good question.

Becky and Jesse blow off their plans with the girls claiming they have errands to do and then leave the room in a rush, and the girls catch wind that they're hiding something. And so their investigation begins.

Joey is informed by an old black woman named Shirley that he is now known as the "Jackpot Jerk" around the casino. Bwah. Amen, sistah! She's waiting to use the machine as soon as Joey's done because she thinks she's then guaranteed to win the big bucks. Joey fakes her out with a bogus "last quarter" and then plays his real last quarter and wins 20 bucks. Whoa. But Shirley is not deterred. She uses the machine when he finally buggers off and gets like 50 or 75 bucks. Nothing spectacular but it's still an excuse for us to point and laugh at Joey.

Danny decides to check in and ruin the episodes for me by toting Michelle around with him. Apparently he's teaching her to swim. Did you really need to go all the way to Lake Tahoe for swimming lessons, Dan? Man, I was really enjoying the minimal UgBaby exposure this episode. Dammit, Daniel. Why?

Jesse is meeting with Mr. Santana to book the casino/hotel chapel for the wedding. Mr. Santana replies with a hug prompting Jesse to ask whether or not anyone shakes hands anymore. I'm with you. Totally not a hugger. Unless I'm drunk. Then watch out! The girls have been tailing them the whole time and find a bag from a jewelry store, and that the chapel is circled in the phone book and because they're not complete boneheads, they figure it out. They tell Danny and Joey, well, Stephanie does anyway, through the relay of UgBaby. The family busts them at the chapel.

It's just as well, because as soon as Jesse and Becky actually start discussing important marital affairs like children, careers, homes, etc., they discover that they have a lot to discuss before they take the plunge. Well, Becky expresses these reservations and wants to postpone. Jesse is a moron and still wants to go through with it, but Becky has to walk away and break his heart.

Back in San Fran, Jesse is moping in his room listening to a cover of "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay." I used to love this song (still do, just don't listen to it in as heavy a rotation) and put it on a mix CD for when I went for late night solo walks. So, Becky knocks on the door and Jesse pretends that he's talking to some chick but then the phone actually rings and it's all, whoa! You're SO busted, Jess Man! He tries to act all cavalier, but Becky breaks him down. They shmoop all over the place and agree that they need to work out the kinks before they can take the plunge. Fear not, Jesse and Becky 'shippers, they assure everyone that they're still in loooooove.

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metamorphstorm said...

Todd Masters? As in Baby-sitters Club kid and movie star Derek Masters' little brother?

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