Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Tall Geeky Giant v. The Hot-Headed Troubadour who spent way too much time on his hair, or Fogged In (2.12)

The opening screen shot is a weird red, orange, yellow and blue animated graphic with the show title and a cartoon rendering of the Golden Gate bridge prior to beginning the episode. Weird. Joey is trying out his comedy material on Michelle, who is unimpressed. Same here, UgBaby.

The theme song and credits are extended to include a nauseating and mildly disturbing scene featuring Joey and Jesse blowing raspberries on Michelle's stomach for entirely too long. I am creeped out. Glad they decided to leave that one on the cutting room floor for the majority of episodes.

Danny is in the kitchen playing with Michelle with one of those little Fisher Price or whatever kitchen complete with plastice pots/pans and polyvinyl eggs, bacon, etc. Stephanie and D.J. come into the kitchen arguing about what they want for breakfast, it's the classic waffles v. french toast debate. Sometimes pancakes find themselves thrown into the fray. They call on UgBaby to serve as the tiebreaker and she makes her selection of cookies. All three girls are content with this decision... Danny? Not so much.

Jesse & Joey interrupt the discussion and come in looking absolutely wrecked. Danny suggests that Jesse check the expiration date on his mousse. Turns out they were up all night perfecting their jingle for Casa de Pancakes (ole!). The back door opens and in comes Kimmy Gibbler, who's staying with the Tanners this weekend. This is not the news that J&J needed to hear.

The doorbell rings and Joey answers in his bathrobe, clutching a jelly donut and looking a hot ass mess. It's Cheryl! Remember Cheryl? She was one of Denise's friends, the one who was set up with Jesse but for unknown reasons, fell for Joey. I know I know, it's because he was "funny" but I'm not buying it. Apparently, they've been dating for 2 months and this is the first time she's seen him as his evil twin, "Sloppy Joe." Cheryl invites him to go skiing that weekend and Joey warns her that this fugness may happen again. Cheryl laughs it off and says she'll counter with her evil twin, "No make-up Cheryl." Heh. Joey's just so excited at the prospect of getting laid that he squeezes his jelly donut in his hand. Dumbass.

D.J. and Kimmy are in Jesse's room, playing the keyboard and singing "Locomotion" into a microphone attached to a tape recorder. Jesse comes in and asks what they're doing. Horrified he checks the tape in the deck and sure enough, the girls taped over his and Joey's jingle, only leaving the closing line: "Casa de Pancakes, OLE!" Jesse rightfully flips a shit. D.J. tries to protest that it was just an accident, but I am firmly planted in Jesse's corner on this one. She was in his room, without his permission, using his music and recording equipment, without his permission, and then ended up ruining his project for work.

Danny comes in as the tirade is going on and D.J. brats that Jesse doesn't have to worry about her messing with his stuff again because she's never going back into his room. If I was Jesse, I'd be celebrating. Who wants a bunch of kids coming in and out of their bedroom, messing with all of their stuff? She storms out with Kimmy in tow and Danny talks to Jesse about his temper. Jesse submits that he may have gone a little overboard, but I still think he was well within his rights to flip. Whatever.

To make up for yelling at D.J., Jesse surprises her with her very own drum set bearing the name "Harry Levin Trio", asking, "We cool now?" D.J. forgives him and he gives her a little demo on the drums. The rest of the family, minus Danny who isn't home yet, joins them to watch the show. Just then, Grandpa Nick comes in and warns the departing Joey and Cheryl about the heavy fog rolling in. He is followed closely by Irene, with whom he had a fight. Apparently Irene has decided to go back to school, and Nick prefers her to maintain the household. So now Nick is moving in with the Tanners! This will be news to Danny who, let's face it, has no control over what goes on in his house. Danny arrives mid-drumming, and laments that indeed, that racket was coming from his house.

The more pressing issue right now to Danny is the appearance of the drum set, so he pulls Uncle J(esse) to have a word in the K(itchen). Danny's pretty miffed that Jesse missed the point of his little talk and opted to buy D.J.'s forgiveness rather than talk it out. Jesse then storms into the living room and tells D.J. her dad said she couldn't keep the drums, pitting Danny in the role of the bad guy. Just then, Irene goes to leave, with Nick telling the family that "She'll be back." She actually comes right back because the fog has become so dense. Looks like the big happy family, plus the Harry Levin Trio, are all fogged in.

The guys and grandparents tuck the girls into bed, and Stephanie asks is everyone is mad because Kimmy is staying over. Danny is about to deny it, but then looks at Kimmy obnoxiously crunching on potato chips and then concedes, "Maybe." Irene and Nick are careful to avoid one another and she informs the room that she will be staying in Joey's bedroom if anyone would like to come beg for forgiveness.

Jesse has moved onto the nursery and is reading Michelle a bedtime story about a Tall Geeky Giant and the day the music died. Danny comes in and Michelle calls him "Geeky Giant." Danny tries his hand at storytelling about a Hot-Headed Troubadour who spent way too much time on his hair. The words are too big for Michelle and all she says is "Geeky Giant." I wish that nickname had stuck because even though I like Danny, it's funny.

The house is darkened and quiet and Joey and Cheryl come in through the back door. The fog was too severe and they had to call of their skiing trip. She says goodnight and leaves. Seriously? If visibility is that bad, wouldn't you extend the invitation to your ladyfriend to stay the night? I mean, you don't have to share a bed if you're worried about the girls, but God, she could get into a car crash because it's late and foggy! Horrible boyfriend! I hate you, Joey! He pulls off his gear and ends up falling over the baby gate down the stairs to his room with a loud crash. Oddly enough, this loud crash doesn't cause Irene to stir in although she's in his bedroom, but Nick hears it from the couch in the living room and wakes up to check on her.

Joey climbs into bed in his long johns. She thinks it's Nick coming to apologize and starts to initiate some hardcore spooning. Screaming ensues, and Nick, Danny and Jesse all run downstairs and are horrified by the scene they find. Joey jumps out of the bed and you can totally see his entire package outlined by his long underwear. I think I just turned a little bit gay at that sight. Danny thankfully hands Joey a robe and tells him to cover up because nobody wants to see that. I feel like that may have been a Bob Saget ad lib. And for that, I thank him.

Jesse sits down his parents to talk out their problem and has an epiphany when he tells his father that he can't just buy his mother's forgiveness, he needs to talk about the problem. He realizes finally that the Geeky Giant was right and he did the same thing with D.J. as his father did with his mother. He goes upstairs to apologize to Danny.

While Jesse is telling Danny that he's sorry, D.J. walks by overhead. She was woken by the loud crash and screams, but in this instance, she just happened to be on her way back from the bathroom. Jesse calls her down to talk, and when Danny protests that it's 3AM, Jesse says that he wants to tell her that he was wrong and Danny was right, so he agrees. Jesse says he was wrong to buy D.J.'s forgiveness and that he needs to learn to control his temper. Danny says that D.J. may keep the drums... they will never be heard from again. Jesse tells D.J. that he inherited his bad temper from his father and recounts an incident from his youth where he kicked a field goal through Jethro's face when his father was watching "The Beverly Hillbillies" on the television and during this anecdote, D.J. falls asleep. I think I did too, a little bit. I mean, it was wicked boring.


Rita said...

Ahhh and Joey doesn't even put the robe on properly!!!! sdakfhasldk!!!!!

I'm totally with Jesse about DJ being in there and erasing his jingle. I'd be even more pissed than he was!

Sadako said...

Ugh, I never got why Jesse was the bad guy after DJ erased the tape he and Joey had pulled an all nighter doing. Stupid DJ. Though that seems more like Michelle behavior. Doing something bad then getting upset when somebody else (rightfully) loses their temper.

Vani B. said...

God, DJ pissed me off so much during the first two seasons. What a brat. I liked her when she got older.

Vani B. said...

God, DJ pissed me off so much during the first two seasons. What a brat. I liked her when she got older.

metamorphstorm said...

I have to agree - DJ was a brat in this episode and Jesse was completely justified in his "yelling" at her - she was in his room (that alone would bother me) using his equipment (again, major no-no) and, big one here - erasing the FOR WORK thing he spent ALL NIGHT doing and has to now RE-DO ALONE 'CAUSE JOEY'S LEAVING TOWN!!! Yes, Jesse has every right in the world to slap the kid (too bad he never does) and yes, DJ reminded me of Michelle in this episode - doing something wrong, getting punished/scolded for the FIRST TIME, and rightuflly so - and getting all upset about it. She should have been made to give up the drums and been told that "guilt gifts" do not count as an apology - though that may be why she bought Steve that ridiculously expensive leather jacket in the Christmas episode, to keep him from going to college on the other side of the country. Had she learned her boundaries as a kid, maybe her teen/adult years wouldn't be so awkward to watch.

By the way, fantastic blog. I know it's old, but I adore the sense of humor and utter Michelle (your nicknames for her made me laugh SO hard the first few times!) hatred -awesome!! :)

Anonymous said...

I do think Jesse should have posted a sign on the door saying, "Keep out! I use this equipment for work, but if you want to hear me tape a jingle, I can do that! This equipment is very important to me!". It's strange how Jesse seemed to favor DJ and Michelle who both messed with his equipment at different times over Stephanie who never did!