Thursday, November 22, 2007

"Can you feel it?" or The Miracle [Dum-da-da-daaa] of Thanksgiving (1.9)

I must preface this recap with the acknowledgment that this episode is kind of tough to snark on. It's actually pretty touching and heartwarming without being overwhelmingly cheesy, but I'm sure Joey will do something idiotic for me to hate on.

It's Thanksgiving morning and Danny goes into the nursery to wake up UgBaby Michelle. Bearing a decorative turkey, he pep talks her to try and get her to say "turkey" that night over dinner to "blow everyone away". I guess that would be mildly impressive. Danny brings Michelle into Jesse's room and plops her down onto his face in a sort of reverse tea-bagging. I can't think of a more unpleasant way to be woken up than nasty UglyBaby ass on my face.

Jesse's not too enthused about being woken up early, but is surprisingly unfazed by the whole butt on the face thing. Hm. The guys go downstairs to wake up the annoyingly perky Joey. I would just like to take a moment to point out that once again, Joey's mannequin in the alcove is wearing pajamas identical to the ones Joey is in. I know this is probably just something the prop/costume teams do, but it's still freaky. So we're to think that this grown ass man not only has a mannequin (as if that weren't weird enough), but that he changes it's clothes daily to match his own attire? That is just so creepy!

Danny is stressed because apparently it snowed a lot in Tacoma. Why does anyone care? Well, it turns out that Claire, aka Granny Tanny lives in Tacoma and was supposed to be flying in to help cooking Thanksgiving dinner. But due to inclement weather, she's snowed in. Tanner Thanksgiving = Fucked. Danny is panicked. This is the first Thanksgiving they're celebrating since the death of Pam, and he wants everything to be perfect so that it's easier on the girls. Aww, poor Danny. I can't even imagine what this situation must be like. No hate here.

Danny's afraid that he can't put together a decent meal without Pam or his mother helping and wants to eat out. D.J. is thoroughly opposed to the idea and insists that they give it a shot. She said that last year her mother taught her how to make her pumpkin pie, and that Grandma told her how to prepare the turkey when they last spoke on the phone. Danny's touched and encouraged by the enthusiasm and they decide to give it the old college try.

Cooking montage to the song "Get Ready." I love cooking big dinners in a group, especially with the radio or a CD blasting. It can be a really kickass time. We didn't usually perform dance routines like the Tanner clan are doing, but yeah, it's a cute scene. They prepare their feast on the table and Joey and Jesse go to carve the turkey. D.J. is very relieved because she was terrified of screwing up the turkey and was so nervous that it wouldn't turn out right, but thankfully "it looks just like the one Mom made last year."

Meanwhile, J&J are trying to carve the turkey, which is a nice golden color on the outside, but it's apparently frozen solid still. Whoops. Guess Granny Tanny didn't properly explain the delicate timing issue involved when one prepares a frozen turkey. Not wanting to hurt D.J.'s feelings, the guys try to hide the frozen turkey from her. Suddenly the doorbell rings. It's two blodne bimbos who have an already cooked turkey with them. They're looking for their Uncle's house and Danny offers them up to $200 for their turkey. They decline, go on their merry way, and eventually D.J. finds out that the turkey is frozen when Danny ends up burning it trying to cook it fast. To make matters worse, Stephanie drops the pumpkin pie on the floor, and D.J. cries that she ruined Thanksgiving and flees to her bedroom. Sadness.

Danny tells D.J. that the turkey and the pie are inconsequential to the success of Thanksgiving. It's just about being with family and celebrating their love and all that mushy goodness. Meanwhile, Jesse and Stephanie are looking through photo albums of Thanksgivings past with Pam. Danny and D.J. join them and then he sends the girls downstairs. Jesse looks at the photos and with a lot of sadness says, "You missed a great Thanksgiving, sis." And here's where this episode turns totally heartbreaking. Jesse's taking his first Thanksgiving in 26 years without his big sister really hard, and from a character that doesn't get overly emotional, it's a really good moment for Jesse. Him and Danny sit on the bed, Jesse fighting back tears while Danny consoles him.

Stamos really pulls all the heartstrings as he goes on and on about all the pain and hurting and asking when will it stop hurting so much? I guess playing Blackie on "General Hospital" paid off for Stamos here. Him and Danny share a great moment, as he shares more stories about Pam while looking at the photos. Danny very touchingly tells Jesse that he's so happy to have him there, and it's just a sweet moment between brothers-in-law.

Damn you, Full House! For piecing together a really nice holiday special that I can't hate on because of how much I love Thanksgiving! Damn you!

Now the whole family's gathered around the table, giving thanks, and Danny prepares to carve the blackened turkey offering up the options of "dark and really dark" meat. Fin. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm going to go pass out now for a few hours!

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