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Purple Spray-On Hair Color RAWKS!, or, Our Very First Night (1.2)

Okay to preface, I'm not gonna lie. I missed the most recent viewing of this episode on ABC Family, but since I've seen the entire series ad nauseum, I feel pretty comfortable with recapping this episode sans viewing. Unfortunately, I won't be able to produce all the witty quotes and recap the horrendous outfits, but the last recap was so verbose, I figured it couldn't hurt to throw out a CliffNotes version FH recap.

Anyway, so following the pilot, the 3 men are ready to tackle the joys of shared parenthood. But almost immediately trouble arises because all 3 men have their respective job responsibilities to attend to and someone needs to watch the girls. Danny has to cover a sporting event, Jesse has band practice and Joey miraculously has one of his few and far between stand-up gigs (which surprises NO ONE on account of how painfully unfunny Joey is). Ultimately, they decided Jesse's plans are least important and he gets saddled with the responsibility of babysitting.

I just want to take a moment to comment on the fact that Jesse actually has a steady job and thus provides a steady income to apply to the support of the Tanner household as he also works as an exterminator. I mean, I guess since it's one of the 5 nights a year Joey can actually get paid for his hack routine, they ought to let him have it so he can actually earn his place in the alcove. It cracks me up that he doesn't even have an actual room, but a mere nook. I mean, that's all he deserves really, but it's funny nonetheless.

Another tangent I'd like to go on at this point is how when the series began, Jesse's name was "Jesse Cochran." This was a detail that escaped me when I was a youngun, but I just love how they change his surname from "Cochran" to "Katsopolis" without even batting an eye or drawing even the slightest bit of attention to it. I almost wish they incorporated some sort of outdated storyline about embarassment about Greek heritage, or even maybe that Jesse didn't feel like "Katsopolis" was very "rock & roll." But no, much like the unexplained disappearance of Brendan Lambert from the final season of "Step By Step" or Judy Winslow after the fifth season of "Family Matters," it was glossed over. Must of been a TGIF thing, to not really worry about things like "continuity." Side note: Apparently they decided on the last name "Cochran" because one of the writers or producers or whomever was a huge Joe Cocker fan and since Jesse was a musician, a temporary surname was born.

But, I digress. Jesse gets stuck watching the girls, and rather than skip band practice because music is his life (remember this mentality in later seasons...), he reschedules and has the band come rehearse at the Tanner household. Despite trying to practice unplugged, the band starts rocking out and obviously the girls wake up. They come down and work their manipulative magic on their poor Uncle Jess and trick him into letting them stay up with the group. They order pizza and get their hair sprayed purple by one of the chicks in the band, I think her name was Raven.

Side Note! (Side note to the side note, I'm only doing so many of these because I didn't get to watch this episode as recently, so I'm just going on memory and therefore lacking in detail, so I need filler.) Anywho, when I was a kid I was literally OBSESSED with that colored hairspray. You see, I was a completely idiotic child who didn't realize how freaking sweet it was to have red hair (when you're young, being different is bad, so I went through like a 3 year phase of hating my red hair. It happened to correspond with my transition from the cool popular group to a nerd, and I probably blamed my hair for it. It was really due in part to the fact that I had just gotten glasses and was a tub o' lard.) So yeah, this was when the whole goth/punk/grunge movement was starting around the time I was in middle school and I used to walk to the Wayside Bazaar to buy colored hairspray (fluorescent red) and would spray two streaks in the front of my hair and thought I was sooooooo cool. But I wasn't. And the point is, D.J. and Stephanie also look ridiculous with their spray on purple hair... but I totally can remember being their age and thinking that stuff was the shit.

Joey comes home and joins the party. He is so responsible.

Naturally Danny comes home and flips. After sending the girls to their room, he rips Jesse a new one for being so irresponsible and goes so far as to threaten to kick him out. He eventually deduces that the girls pulled a fast one on poor simple-minded Uncle Jesse, and punishes them and the three all apologize to Jesse. And I mean, yeah, the girls were totally abusing Uncle Jesse because he tries to be hip and cool and doesn't have a lot of experience acting as a parental authority, but you have to lay some blame on him. I mean, you're a grown-ass man and you got duped by a 5 and a 10-year old! Seriously? As every episode goes, everything is resolved with a hug and the music swelling and we've made it through our first hour.

I promise the next recap will be more detailed.

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Vani B. said...

I actually did the purple streak thing last year at a salon. I never got to do the colored hairspray thing as a teenager, and I always wanted to see how purple would look in my hair (yes, it was the same shade of purple as Raven's). I liked it... until it turned turquoise-blue, which looked horrible on me as my hair and skin were a little on the dark side. As it was, I had to enlist my husband to help me dye it all back to my natural color. It came out fine despite his lack of expertise.

I, too, was annoyed with the sudden, unexplained disappearance of characters on other T.G.I.F. shows, but I think I was more annoyed when the plots got ridiculous and unrealistic; for example, cloning, time machines and electronic transporters that magically whisk you to other countries (and that was just Family Matters!). I did love that chamber that turned Steve into Stefan, but they had to ruin that too by making it multipurpose and turning other people into Elvis or Bruce Lee. Groan.