Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Come on, Froggy Mama" or Tanner v. Gibbler (2.2)

Danny's teaching UgBaby the fine art of lint removal then gets a call from the station that his boss has "big news" for him. Meanwhile, D.J. is planning a surprise birthday party for Kimmy Gibbler, and Steph is trying to decide what dress she should wear for the fiesta. D.J. doesn't hesitate to dash her hopes in dreams and she tells Stephanie that she's too young to attend the party. The girls start to argue and are separated by Uncle Jesse. Just then, Kimmy enters without knocking. When Jesse chastises her for it, Kimmy reveals that she always peeks through the window first before entering because "When you're in your underwear, I knock." D.J., always the crafty pre-teen, tells Kimmy to come over her house that night to go to a movie. Wink wink.

Meanwhile, Danny's at the station, waiting to hear his boss' big news. Danny will no longer be doing the sports for the station. At first, he's heartbroken, until his boss then reveals that he will be the new co-host of the morning talk show, "Wake Up, San Francisco." And heeere's Becky, also known as Rebecca Donaldson, Danny's co-host. She's welcomed with one of the classic Tanner hugs, and their boss is ecstatic over their immediate chemistry.

It's Party time! UgBaby comes into the living room with a bowl of pretzels and dumps the whole thing out onto the floor. Man, you suck, Michelle. Jesse thankfully comes to whisk her away. As he walks through the room, a hush falls over the party. He asks D.J. what's wrong with all of the girls, and she tells him that they think he's cute. Jesse asks, "Where were they when I was 12?" to which D.J. awesomely replies, "Not born yet!" ZING! Git 'im Deej!

Stephanie comes in, faking them out by using the doorbell and pretending to be Kimmy and as D.J. tries to herd her sister out, Kimmy arrives through the open door and is met with groans because the element of surprise was ruined. But, Kimmy isn't alone, she's brought Nina and Melissa, two JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS with her. ooOOooOOOoo, Tres chic, junior high. No one is glamorous in Junior High, everyone's ugly and awkward. I'm not buying what you're selling here, Gibbler. I'm pretty sure one of the girls also played Margeaux on "Punky Brewster" but I'll IMDB it to be sure. Yep. Ami Foster. I rule. The J.H. girls try to invite 50-60 more people including (gasp!) BOYS! (Scandal!) D.J. isn't going to take their shit lying down, she takes the phone away from them and hangs up. The girls think she's like, oh my god, totally lame, and they invite "Cammy" to go to the mall with them. D.J. pleads with her friend and tells her not to be dumb, but Kimmy, oh so desperate to be cool, peaces out of her party leaving a pouting D.J. and a stunned group of pre-teen extras.

The next day after school, Stephanie asks D.J. why she was eating her lunch all alone which cause D.J. to draw a distinction between eating "by myself" and "all alone." Apparently the former is somehow less lame? Stephanie adds that she heard all of the other kids calling D.J. a "Geekburger" and when she tried to defend her big sis, they called her a "Geekburger Jr." Apparently Kimmy singlehandedly turned the whole school against D.J. and I have to ask, where are all of their other friends? Cathy Santoni and all of the nameless girls from the party? Didn't they see Kimmy act like an ungrateful twit? Why would they just jump on the Geekburger bandwagon? Makes no sense... either way, Stephanie decides that until this thing blows over, she's changing her name... to Connie Chung. Bwah! This show got a ton of mileage out of Connie Chung references back in the day, but whenever I hear her name I think of this. Yikes.

The family gathers to watch the debut of "Wake Up San Francisco" and Becky comes over to join them, prompting a "Have Mercy" from Jesse. Jesse pretty much acts a damn fool around Becky and she tells him that he bears an uncanny resemblance to her brother, Corky. You know everyone immediately thought "Life Goes On" Corky when she said that. Admit it! Jesse laments, "We are so far from where I want to be." They go back to watch the show and no one laughs at Danny's first ad lib, but they guffaw heartily over Becky's. Danny's very sensitive and then UgBaby shuts off the show because she's a stupid ugly brat.

D.J. gets a phone call from Kimmy and she grabs the phone and immediately hangs up without saying a word. Jess and Joey try to talk to her about it. She tells them how Kimmy got the entire school to start calling her a Geekburger, and proclaims that she has no qualms about throwing her "ex-friendship out the ex-window." D.J. also maintains that she still thinks Kimmy is a "Nerdbomber." I do love the grade school insults being tossed around this episode.

Joey finally convinces D.J. to give Kimmy another chance and conveniently enough, it is then when Stephanie announces that Kimmy is downstairs in the living room. D.J. thinks she's there to apologize, but Kimmy was just there to collect her presents. Ha! Tacky! More name-calling ensues until true feelings and hurtiness are revealed, Kimmy got ditched by the J.H. girls, so they're best friends again. D.J. says that they can open her presents and then exchange them at the mall for better presents. D.J. knows this because she already opened all of them. But then D.J. gives Kimmy her present, and it's the fugliest fug that ever fugged. It's a lilac baseball cap, but one of those 80s style ones that has a weird elongated shape, and it's covered in a bunch of decorative shiny crap, and it's hideous. Naturally, Kimmy declares, "Wow this is like the raddest hat in the universe!"

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chris said...

Geekburger. How is that insulting? Sounds like something from Sonic. Insulting? Not so much.