Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Kimmy's an Airhead" or It's Not My Job (2.3)

It's Halloween for the opening scene only. That's kind of weird. Stephanie is dressed as the White Rabbit from "Alice in Wonderland" and D.J. is dressed as Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile. Apparently Danny wouldn't let her dress as Elvira, her original costume choice and thank Christ! Yuck, can you even imagine an 11 year old in the wildly inappropriate plunging neckline clingy dress? The guys come in dressed as the Three Stooges and say they're a shoo-in to win the costume contest, until D.J. points out that UgBaby Michelle, dressed in the cliched baby pumpkin costume that nearly all babies have to wear for their first Halloween as a rite of passage, has it in the bag. Credits.

Oh, I get it. The whole costume plot was to showcase how "adorable" Michelle is. Still not buying what you're selling.

Jesse is working on a jingle with his group... is this the Rippers? I have no idea. He started out with the Rippers, but the doo-wop and advertising jingles can't possibly be them too, can it? Whatever, we'll call them the Jinglers for all intents and purposes. So anyway, Jesse and the Jinglers are writing a jingle for the water park, Splash City and it's a total rip-off from the Water Country jingle for you New Englanders reading.

"When the sun is blazing and the summer gets hot,
Water Country's a very cool spot.
There's no better place to feel and be young,
Water Country have some fun.

So get into riding, sliding and splashing,
Feel the excitement prime on the action.
Having a good time under the sun,
Water Country, Water Country,
Water Country have some fun."

(c) 1984, so suck it, FH.

I'd also like to point out that Jesse has now made the transition to Katsopolis. Finally! Danny arrives back home from taking the girls to the dentist. D.J. is proud to be cavity-free but Stephanie is not so lucky. She wonders why she needs to have a filling because it's a baby tooth and going to fall out anyway and I'm inclined to agree. Why not just pull it out? But, I'm not a dentist and know nothing more of sophisticated oral hygiene than a 6 year old, so that's that.

Steph and D.J. are in their room where Steph is furiously brushing her cavity. Kimmy comes in to scare the shit out of Stephanie with tales of drills and a dental horror story about who else? Cathy Santoni.

Knock knock, the Katsopolis grandparents have arrived! Sweet, I love Nick and Irene (the REAL Irene). Grandpa has great news for Jesse, Frasier St. is crawling with "cock-a-roaches." Jesse has great news too, he sold his Splash City jingle. Nick is unimpressed and tells him that killing bugs is what he's good at and that's where the money is. Jesse confesses to his mother that he's been revitalized by the option to make a career out of music before his band takes off, and he wants out of the exterminating business.

Irene knows what's up and that the shit's about to hit the fan. She knew this day would eventually come when Jesse wanted out of the bug biz, but she was hoping that she wouldn't be alive for the showdown that's about to occur. Naturally there's a huge blowout between father and son which ends with Nick telling Jess, "If you're out of the family business... you're out of the family!" Jesse pleads with a "Pop..." but Grandpa has already stormed out.

That night, Danny's reading to Michelle and getting her ready for bed. Jesse comes in to watch a great dad in action. Danny senses that Jesse wants to talk about more than his parenting skills because Danny is awesome! Jesse's upset about what his father said, and Danny gives his patented Tanner pep talk and tells him that his father is obviously hurt by Jesse's decision to leave and that it's up to Jesse to reach out to his father.

Danny then tucks Jesse into bed saying "Good night, little mouse." After a beat Jesse sits up, "What am I doing? It's 7 o'clock!" Ha. That was a pretty awesome end to the scene. I think Saget and Stamos have a great comedic rapport.

Stephanie meanwhile is in bed tossing and turning about the dentist. She gets a great talk from D.J. and man this family is so good at solving problems. I mean seriously, can you think of an episode where someone had a problem that anyone else in the family couldn't solve? Crazy!

Joey takes Stephanie to the dentist and uses the spit-sucker as a courage detector and tells her that her uvula is her "hangy ball of courage." Stephanie is afraid no more! Thanks testicle of courage!

Jesse and Nick sit down and talk it out, and Nick realizes that he's got to let his son go and do what he wants to make himself happy. Cheeeeeeese.

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