Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"You're immune to common sense!" or A Pox in Our House (1.15)

Jesse and the Rippers(?) (I think it's the Rippers, but frankly the a capella routine they're doing seems not very Ripper-esque) are doing a Doo-Wop song for Danny and Joey. Soon the girls join them in the living room and the whole family's grooving along. Seriously, since when does Jesse do doo-wop? The song ends, but Danny tries to keep it going in a painful display. Stephanie has now slumped down on the floor and Danny moves her to the couch, concerned about her well-being. She says she feels yucky, her forehead feels warm and she's covered in "pimples." Uh-oh invasion of the chicken pox at the Tanner's!

The family thinks that they're in the clear, because D.J., Danny and Jesse all had the chicken pox. Joey claims that he was the only kid in his school who didn't get it when the virus was going around and therefor he is immune. Suddenly UgBaby gurgles and all eyes turn to the playpen. Guess we're not in the clear then.

Danny tucks Stephanie into bed and warns her to not scratch her blisters. She's upset because a real ballerina was coming in to do a demo for her ballet class the next day, and she didn't want to miss out on it. Danny tells her the fastest road to recovery is paved with rest and fluids. D.J. brings her an apple juice that Stephanie pounds in a way that would make a frat boy proud.

Jesse comes in in one of the most ridiculous outfits ever featured on FH. It's a glittery teal and silver suit, and paired with the mullet, it's mind-blowing. Sorry Stamos, even your fine ass can't pull this mess off. Danny sums it up pretty well when he tells him he looks "like [he] should be spinning from the ceiling of the disco." He comes bearing calamine lotion. Joey comes in bearing a teddy bear dubbed, "Teddy Itch No More" and an air horn. Stellar contribution as always, Joey.

The guys tell Stephanie that they'll all be there for whatever Stephanie needs that weekend, except for when Danny goes to warm up and sit on the bench with the L.A. Clippers, and Jesse has his Doo Wop show. Joey, to the surprise of no one, has no plans or commitments that weekend. D.J. comes in with a tray full of orange juice, and for her troubles, she's stuck sharing the nursery with Michelle until Stephanie recovers. D.J. puts Michelle to bed by talking to her like a dog.

The next day, Jesse & Joey awake feeling/looking crappy and it turns out they've both got the pox! When Jesse was a kid, he had an allergic reaction to wool that he mistook for chicken pox and Joey? Well, I guess you weren't immune to chicken pox after all. Danny's all decked out in his Clipper warm-up gear and D.J. is chowing down on her cereal in anticipation of her slumber party that night. I can't figure out what time it's supposed to be. I mean, J&J clearly just woke up and D.J.'s eating cereal, so you would figure it's morning. But if it's morning, why is Danny getting ready to go off with the Clippers and D.J. getting ready for a sleepover? Whatever, I'll let it slide, but it's weird.

With J&J out of commission, Danny is in need of a baby-sitter who can actually go near the baby without infecting her. D.J. hesitates to leave in case she's needed, but Danny lets her go and begins calling every sitter in his phone book with only 47 minutes before he needs to go.

Stephanie tries to sneak out of the house incognito to go see the ballerina in her dance class. She is nearly out the door when she's caught by Uncle Jesse who blows her cover as "Karen." Jesse's still going by the last name Cochran at this point in time. I wonder when they changed it. Jesse tells her he also has chicken pox and part of dealing with it is being tough even though you might be missing out on something you really wanted to do. Jesse's pretty bummed when Stephanie reminds him that this means he'll be missing his Doo Wop show.

J&J are in Joey's room and itching horribly. They determine that if they scratch each other, then they're technically still "tough" and aren't breaking the no scratching rule. They scratch each other in a bizarre manner and as Danny comes in, they are in the middle of rubbing their heads together. Danny is understandable creeped out.

Danny reaches the end of his potential baby-sitter list, concluding with the name Zuckerman (which totally sends my mind off to Andrea Zuckerman of 90210 and I'm picturing Gabrielle Carteris all nerded out telling her Dad to tell Mr. Tanner that she's not there rather than baby-sit that ugly baby). Danny's S.O.L. and considers calling D.J. back to help out, but decides against it. He pretends to call Michelle: "Hello, Michelle? Hi, it's Daddy." >Click< She hung up on him, it was actually kind of funny.

Now Jesse, Joey and Steph are in the basement applying calamine lotion and saying "Ooh" and "Ah" rhythmically and singing "Working on the Chain Gang." Um, isn't it like really potentially dangerous when adults catch chicken pox later in life? I thought that it could lead to more severe diseases like shingles, and that you need prompt medical attention. But, it's just not as funny that way, is it? Anyway, Danny comes down with a tray of food and for the second time this episode tries to unsuccessfully join in the sing-along, this time with the lyrics:

"Here's some tuna fish and soup
It's nutritious and delicious
And it's great to fight infection
For the family that I love."

They all stare at him. I can't blame them. Bob Saget is hot! Kidding. Partly. Anyway, just as Danny gives up hope, D.J. comes bounding down the stairs back from her party. And this is where D.J. becomes a full-fledged awesome kid. Because Danny sacrifices and does so much for the girls, and because there will always be other slumber parties, she came back to do something for him. Gaa! That actually warmed the icy cockles of my heart! But seriously, NO 10 year old is that unselfish and mature. In conclusion, D.J. is terrific, saved the day, and Danny gets to warm up with the Clippers. If 8 players and a peanut vendor get hurt, he might even get a chance to get some game time!

The trio of poxies start listing demands for D.J. and she pretty much blows them off and walks away. You go girl! The only one you're responsible for is Michelle. They have chicken pox! They're itchy, not crippled.

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In an adult, chicken pox is much more severe than in a kid. Adults can get shingles which really hurts!