Friday, November 30, 2007

"Another stupid question!" or Triple Date (2.8)

Danny comes into the house from grocery shopping singing "To All the Girls I've Loved Before" and dancing around. Obviously, he met a woman while he was out. Her name is Denise and he picked her up in produce when she commented that "The broccoli looks fresh today." Danny that suave debonair without missing a beat, seductively replied, "It's a good source of fiber." Mm regular bowel movements yield such romance!

So Danny invited Denise over for dinner that night, but she already had plans for dinner with her two single friends, so Danny volunteered Joey and Jesse for a triple date that evening. Jesse needs a little convincing/begging by Danny, but Joey is obviously desperate for female attention and agrees almost immediately. That poor girl.

Danny hires D.J. to baby-sit her sisters during the date downstairs, and even gets paid for it. Ridiculous! J&J are helping Danny get ready for the date, psyching him up and Danny decides to make the major step of removing his wedding ring. The doorbell rings and it's Denise with her two friends Cheryl (for Jesse) and Zoe (for Joey). Zoe understandably hates Joey immediately. But, she's written with absolutely no sense of humor and I'm pretty much watching this and saying to myself: Damn, Zoe needs to get laid! Jesse comes into the living room and is stunned. Apparently him and Denise dated, broke each other's hearts and she even named her puppy after him. Awk. Ward.

Meanwhile upstairs, Stephanie and Michelle are playing dress-up in Danny's clothes. D.J. comes upon the little Nerdbombers and chastises them for going through Danny's things. They even took his wedding ring to play with. D.J. is incensed and takes the ring from the girls but then knocks it down the sink drain. Smooth move, Deej. Desperate to get the ring back, but afraid to tell her Dad about her monumental fuck up, D.J. tries to jam a tie down the drain with gum on the end. It doesn't work and D.J. realizes that she needs a new plan.

Downstairs, Joey is attemping humor and Zoe is having none of it. Stephanie comes down to provide a diversion to allow D.J. to come retrieve the toolbox. She sings "If You're Happy and You Know It" with the added verse "...cover your eyes!" Mission accomplished!

Now back in the bathroom, The girls use the wrench to detach the pipe in hopes that they can catch the ring when it falls out. Unfortunately, water comes shooting out and the bathroom begins flooding. They try to catch it in bowls and various containers, but the rate of water being shot out is way too much for them to keep up with.

Downstairs, Danny tries to talk to Denise and finds out she's still hung up on Jesse. he goes in for a kiss and ends up cutting his lip on her earring because she turned her head. He goes into the kitchen to tend to his lip and notes that the water pressure weakens and water comes gushing out from the ceiling. Ruh roh. Danny is no longer oblivious and the whole family runs upstairs to the newly added swimming pool. Jesse shuts off the water valve. Danny asks why the hell the bathroom is flooded, and D.J. confessed that it was because she dropped his wedding ring down the drain. Danny gets a funny sort of sad look on his face, and goes to have a chat with D.J.

Denise goes into Jesse's room to talk and he pretty much tells her that he's not going to steal her from Danny because he's crazy about her and it's just not the right time for them. She comments on all of the pink bunnies on the wall, and Jesse says, "Well it started off with 2 and..." he trails off with a seductive smirk. Ooo! Scandalous!

Danny and D.J. talk and it's too boring and cheesy to recap, and everything ends in hugs and happiness. Zoe interrupts to bring Danny his wedding ring. She found it when she went in to clean up the mess, apparently Zoe can't stand a messy bathroom. Danny immediately perks up at this tidbit of information and flirtation ensues. Meanwhile, UgBaby cries out and Joey goes to take care of her with Cheryl in tow. She laughs at all of his voices, and he tells her she's pretty. She actually is pretty, which makes me ask, Why?

The women are getting ready to leave and Cheryl and Zoe kiss Joey and Danny, respectively and tell them to call them. Denise pointedly tells Jesse, "Don't call me." And this is certainly a first! Jesse fake cries about being the only one to end up alone, but we know he's got ladies lined up around the block for a chance to ride his hog. Remember Becky? First in line.

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