Friday, November 30, 2007

The Day Hell Froze Over, or Joey Gets Tough (2.7)

I skipped over the last episode, "Beach Boy Bingo" because frankly, I was too busy to really pay attention to it. I'll catch it the next time it comes around...

This episode creates mixed feelings in me because for the first time, I'm in agreeance with Joey.

Jesse has an upcoming gig with the Rippers at some local club and to promote it, Danny suggests that Jesse and his band come perform on "Wake Up, San Francisco." Jesse's ecstatic, but Danny warns him that before he can just go on the show, he has to audition for the show's producer. Since both of the guys will be occupied with this, that leaves Joey in charge for the evening.

D.J. and Stephanie are ecstatic because Joey is "a soft touch" (Danny's words, not mine). Tonight Tiffany is performing on television live from Tokyo. The time difference naturally means it's going to be on way late in San Francisco time. They try to play it off as an educational program on Tokyo, but even Joey's not dumb enough to buy that. So, they resort to the bunny nose. It's just what it sounds like. It's not that cute, and I really don't understand the kind of effect that this supposedly has on Joey.

The girls and Joey are dancing around the living room to "I Think We're Alone Now" and it's actually kinda cute. Predictably Danny arrives home and catches them and is not pleased. He scolds Joey for being too much of a softie and the girls for taking advantage.

The next day, Jesse and the Rippers are on the set of "Wake Up, San Francisco" performing "Devil in a Blue Dress" for Danny's producer. They do a great job and book the gig and then Becky suggests that Danny sing with the band. Neither Danny nor Jesse is enthused about this idea but the producers really seems to go for it.

Meanwhile at home, Joey is freaking out. He calls Mrs. Gibbler and asks if she's seen or heard from D.J. No such luck. He hangs up and paces around the room worriedly. Stupid D.J. is wicked late. This show is addressing another peeve of mine, people not calling when they aren't where they are supposed to be. It just makes me worry and it takes what? 30 seconds to pick up the phone? Whenever you are running late people, just call someone who may be worrying about you! This also applies to work because in the past month, 2 people have been fired for not calling when they were going to be late. How hard is it? I swear, people have no work ethic.

Whoops, veered a bit off-topic there. So Joey is panicked and just then, D.J. waltzes in like nothing's amiss. Brat. Apparently she stayed late at karate class to work on some moves for the upcoming tournament that weekend. Still? No call? Wouldn't the instructor even suggest that all the kids call their parents since class is running over? Stupid stupid stupid. Naturally, Joey doesn't buy the whole, "I forgot" line and flips out. He grounds her and tells her that she can't attend her karate tournament. D.J. counters with the classic, "You can't tell me what to do, you're not my father!" and threatens to have Danny overturn the punishment when he gets home.

Down on "Wake Up, San Francisco," Danny is forced to perform with the Rippers. And frankly, I love every minute of it (although once again, the timeline of the show manages to boggle my mind again). Danny's singing "Proud Mary" complete with ridiculous choreography and it's a masterful performance. D.J. surprises him and complains about Joey's punishment.

Back at home, the family does the classic family meeting with a talking stick, schtick. A huge fight breaks out during the meeting and the whole talking stick concept is abandoned. Disgrace. Finally Joey goes to talk to D.J. about her punishment and she understands that if she'd done the same thing to Danny, she knows her ass would be in the same position. Joey finally concedes that although she's still punished, D.J. can still participate in her karate tournament. D.J. tells him that he's going to be a great dad someday (pff, not likely) and when he asks if it's because she got what she want, she says, "No, because you're fair." CHEESE!

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